• Ryzen 7 3700x CPU - 8Cores,16Threads
  • Rx570 Strix Graphics Card
  • Asus B450 TUF Motherboard
  • 32GB DDR4 3200mhz RAM
  • Corsair 175R Case
  • 2TB m.2 SSD Storage 
  • 4TB HDD Storage 
  • Corsair Fans 
  • 650w PSU


Thomas built me a computer designed to manage the following:

  • I wanted a computer that would run Cubase 11 Pro and allow me to record audio and midi performances and avoid any lag while recording
  • Alongside Cubase, I run a large number of power hungry patches and third party music software (including Superior Drummer, EZ Bass, EZ Mix, EZ Keys, M-Tron Pro, StringMachine
  • I needed a machine that could create complex, layered videos in Cyberlink Power Director 365
  • I wanted 1tb SSD card to run my programmes and 4tb HDD to store my recordings and my extensive music collection (while I back up externally I like to store important files on my PC)
  • I also use the machine for day to day tasks – eg using Microsoft Office, browsing and streaming Netflix, YouTube and Disney+ (via Brave)

I have had the machine nearly a year now and the drives are half full, but the machine is still running extremely fast and there has been no drop in performance:

  • The machine starts up in quick time
  • I have recorded two albums worth of songs within Cubase, all of which are stored on the HDD drive. Some of these contain over 70 separate tracks, a combination of audio and Midi (running third party software) and each individually EQ’d and treated
  • There is no lagging when I record audio or midi (via my electric piano). In the past I had to rely on external audio to guide my timing, whereas now I can listen via Cubase output
  • My new machine has massively reduced video processing time, and I am able to watch my video edits with no issue while applying multiple layers and effects – this has allowed me to try out more ambitious editing
  •   I have a 42-inch 4k screen and the video quality is amazing (as is the quality when I stream online content such as Disney Plus
  • The machine has caused me absolutely no problems. It is fair to say that without this machine, I would not have been able to create the music and videos that I have over the past year
  •  I’ve looked “under the bonnet” and the build quality is amazing. Everything is incredibly tidy and secure – a far higher standard than when I’ve examined off the shelf PCs from well known brands
  • While not a consideration, I have to say that the PC looks absolutely amazing, and that is the first time I’ve ever felt that about a computer – I love having the processor on display which provides a light show while I record my music

Thomas was fantastic in understanding my requirements and making suggestions. He took me through the whole process and within a week of placing my order, the machine was complete

  • I provided a budget and he made suggestions
  • Recommended a CPU which was specific to my primary need for music production, including a detailed comparison between it and the CPU I had been considering (50% better on music production speeds
  • Recommended graphics card specific to my needs
  • Put together a detailed list of PC components and costings
  • Provided a detailed invoice breaking down all the relevant costs (the total of which was far lower than a similar spec from all other providers that I looked at)
  •  Sent me regular updates, including photos
  • He set up the Windows software on the PC
  • Arranged a courier to deliver the PC safely to my front door

I would have no hesitation in recommending Thomas if you are looking for someone to build you a computer.